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"When We Are Family: I’u o Gafa"
The 21st Annual Tafesilafa'i Festival celebrates the thoughts, art and culture
of California's Pacific Islander Communities

Tafesilafa’i Celebrates 21th Anniversary

Tafesilafa’i, Long Beach’s premier Pacific Islander Festival, marks its 21st year with traditional and cultural rituals, music, dances and food. This week-long Festival starts July 16 to 22, 2017.

Tafesilafa'i is a clearing where issues in the Pacific Islander community in general and the Samoan community in particular are surfaced and paid attention to. It is an educative platform where contributions by Pacific Islanders are made.

Tafesilafa’i Cultural Festival at a Glance

Sunday, July 16

  • Family Sunday, at local participating churches.

Monday, July 17

  • 24 Hour Prayer Marathon, at participating prayer sites

Tuesday, July 18

  • 24 Hour Prayer Marathon – Concluding Reflections & Action Items

Wednesday, July 19

  • Community Forum & Dance: Healthcare & Entrepreneurship
    Shoreline Village – Shenanigans
    6:30 pm – 10pm
    Performance: Community “Siva”
    Admission $20 includes appetizers and non-alcohol beverages.

Thursday, July 20

  • Sleep With the Fishes
    Aquarium of the Pacific
    5 pm – 6 am (the next day)
    Admission $15 includes snacks, t-shirt and a movie

Friday, July 21 Day 1

  • Tafesilafa’i Festival
    Shoreline Park (behind the Aquarium)
    2 pm – 10 pm
    Admission is FREE

Saturday, July 22 Day 2

  • Tafesilafa’i Festival
    Shoreline Park (behind the Aquarium)
    10 am – 10 pm
    Admission is FREE


For more information, contact Dr. Howard Wray, Executive Director, Tafesilafa’i at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The weeklong celebration starts July 16th and ends July 22th, 2017.
Admission to the Festival is FREE.

 In addition to parking at the aquarium parking lot, parking is also available
at the lot along the water, behind the Aquarium for $10 see map.
Parking Map

Background: Tafesilafa'i started in 1997 as a conversation about creating an environment where Samoan identity can belong. Tafesilafa'i has now grown into an educative platform where issues in the Pacific Islander communities are surfaced and contributions by Pacific Islanders are made. The promise is to bring healing to families, community, and others. Participants in Tafesilafa'i deepen their faith, hone their talents, and heighten their cultural awareness as they share with others. It is an affirmation of respect for God, family and self in community.

Tafesilafai Greeting

Congresswoman Aumua

Congresswoman Aumua Amata addressing participants of the Tafesilafai Pacific Islander Festival

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